Case StudiesJust some of the projects we've worked on.

Collectable coin retailer

Streamlining operations for greater efficiency in the warehouse and improving reliability of networks and systems to save money and keep customers happy.

Collectable coins


This company were experiencing some growing pains after the implementation of a new warehouse management system coupled to a new business management system. We worked with several parties from the software vendors, the couriers and the warehouse team to streamline the processes and drastically improve the reliability of their network.


➧ 3 hours per employee per day saved

➧ Internet speed increased 12x

➧ Dispatch times reduced by 51%

➧ Wireless connectivity issues solved

➧ Operational redundancy improved 2 fold

➧ Data security drastically improved across the network

National food wholesaler

With challenges in the hospitality sector majorly impacting the wholesale food distribution chain, we were called in to tackle the challenge of moving to a new business model overnight.

Food wholesale warehouse


This company, like many other food wholesale businesses during Coronavirus, were struggling with the loss of 90% of their customers overnight. Meanwhile supermarkets were struggling to keep up with demand from consumers. The obvious route, take the food wholesalers online.


➧ Ecommerce store launched in 2 weeks

➧ Live stock integrated with pre-existing warehouse system

➧ Stock turnaround times reduced significantly

➧ 566% revenue increase in 4 weeks - all from ecommerce

➧ Remote training delivered to the entire team

➧ Supported them with online promotions & communications

National cab booking platform

Massive growth via their mobile apps and website meant that their cloud server architecture quickly became a bottleneck for growth that we were called in to improve.

London black cab


A tech startup that grew rapidly over their first couple of years in business providing transport across the nations capital. As they grew nationwide the servers and systems that their apps ran on were not able to keep up, there was little redundancy in case of a problem and there is always room for security improvement.


➧ Investigated the challenges faced with speed, redundancy, scaleability and security

➧ Planned a new cloud architecture alongside the development team writing new apps

➧ Implemented a live migration with zero downtime

➧ Reduced cloud spend by 31%

➧ Increased resilience by 2.5x

➧ 90% reduction in deployment times for new code

➧ Automated testing for new code reducing errors for users dramatically

International clothing retailer

Looking to drive increased ecommerce sales for their summer (and then winter) ranges, FatFace wanted to run a standalone online marketing campaign.

Clothing store


We partnered with FatFace and a local PR company to deliver a truly unique ecommerce marketing campaign. We created a mechanic that made is super easy for people to enter a competition and then encouraged them to share with their friends. At the time, viral campaigns that leveraged social sharing and rewards were not widespread like they are now, but it lead to some users spreading our message to as many as 2000 other people for us.


➧ Designed and built a custom site in less than 2 weeks

➧ Most successful digital campaign in their history

➧ Ran the campaign for a second time six months later

➧ Attracted over 300,000 entries, bolstering their marketing database

➧ Directly led to over £600,000 increase in online sales

➧ Managed the platform for 4 weeks, achieving 0% downtime

➧ Over 7 direct referrals per person, giving a much larger reach for £0 extra ad spend

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Some of the brands we've worked with

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